Yonason Goldson

Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Lisa. It's our willingness to wrestle with these gray areas that builds our ethical muscles and calibrates our moral compass. Well done!

If you’re not experiencing déjà vu, you’re not paying attention.

“History never repeats itself,” Mark Twain purportedly observed, “but often it rhymes.” Indeed, it does. The repetition of rhyme and cadence and haunting alliteration across generations has become harder and harder to ignore.

“This is their plan… to stir nationality against nationality, race against race, class against class, creed against…

St. Patrick’s Day reflections on home and harmony

At first glance, the soggy, green downs of Ulster bear little resemblance to the parched and craggy hills of Israel.

But tug gently at the cultural fabric of either land and you will unravel an unmistakable common thread: two peoples, impossibly close geographically, impossibly distant ideologically, with more than enough…

A road by any other name will lead to a different destination.

It’s been over a decade, but I still remember reading a delightful and refreshing account of a high school commencement ceremony, which I’ll summarize here:

“A collective sigh of resignation whispered through the assembly of relatives and friends as the graduate-speaker began reciting Robert Frost’s classic poem, “The Road Not…

Resist the subversion of darkness in the name of enlightenment.

23 centuries ago, the army of Alexander the Great marched into Jerusalem. The ensuing occupation of the Jewish capital proceeded, at the outset, with unexpected smoothness and goodwill.

The Greeks had brought to the world the first secular culture aspiring to more than wealth, lust, and power. Guided by pure…

If we want to live in a more equitable society, we have to confront the reality of systemic otherism.

Every spring, on the first night of Passover, Jewish families all over the world gather around the dining room table to reenact and reexperience the exodus from Egypt. This year will mark the 3,333rd anniversary of the Jews’ emancipation from slavery.

According to rabbinic tradition, the Jews were enslaved for…

It’s time we embrace the better angels of our nature.

To the American people:

Thank you for the honor of electing me to serve as your president.

The last year has battered us with a storm of pandemic and civil violence that none of us foresaw, a tempest that contributed to an ugly and dispiriting election campaign. The hardships and…

Yonason Goldson

Ethics keynote speaker, TEDx presenter, recovered hitchhiker, former newspaper columnist, retired high school teacher, and community rabbi at yonasongoldson.com

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